We are a body of Christ-followers that transcends differences in culture, language, age, class, or anything else that would cause division. Each of us may have his or her own perspectives and traditions, but above all, we are united in Christ, and He alone is the banner under which we rally. Our desire is to build community across boundaries.


The mission of Anaheim First Christian Church is to raise up Christ-followers who are

connected to God, committed to His Church, and compassionate to all.



core values


We believe obedience to God requires every one of us to reach across boundaries and to live as the family of God.

We are undivided. Each week, we gather to worship in two languages. We do this out of belief that godly community reflects all cultures, languages, and people.


We believe the Church is part of God's plan to tell the world about Christ's salvific work on the cross.

Telling the world about Jesus begins with the people at our front door. We seek to serve our local neighborhoods, to embed ourselves in the fabric of our city, and to always put Anaheim first.

The mission of God extends to all corners of the world. We contribute to this mission by partnering with missionaries who exemplify Christ in their little corner of the world, one personal relationship at a time.


We believe and intend to live in the inexplicable abundance of the Almighty Creator.

We invite our church family to give generously, to push past their comfort zone and give in a way that changes them as much as it changes the beneficiaries. Whatever the number is, we celebrate what God can do with that generosity.


Wendy Biddle

Office Manager


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